Friday, August 27, 2010

Simple Solutions - Sewing Room

Quart Ziploc bags make awesome pattern containers! They are just about the same size as a normal pattern package and you can stuff them full with the original pattern and your traced copy! My patterns are about to outgrow their box, so I'm trying decide if I want a second box, or if I want some clever clipping system like this one. Anyone have super clever pattern storage ideas?

Do you know about Pattern Ease? I learned about the stuff this year and I can't sew without it now! It's pattern transfer paper, but it's kind of heavy and it clings to the fabric when you lay your pattern out. It is also great for designing your own patterns. You can pin it to your dress form and it's more durable than tissue paper. It's super cheap and easy to work with. We recently ran out at the store and I went through some pretty severe sewing withdrawals. When it came in I bought a whole bolt. I don't want to go through that again! :) Don't worry though, there's still another bolt at the store for anyone else who needs some! Have you known about this stuff for years? Tell someone else! They'll be glad you did!

An inexpensive Ikea kitchen hanging system takes care of scissors, rotary cutters, rulers, and anything with a hole that can hang. The buckets hold odds and ends that can't hang.

Simple stuff that makes crafting easier!


  1. Can't wait to organized my space! I bought one of those bars and some accessories when I was at Ikea last time. Love them!

    Pattern ease.... sewers best friend.

  2. I love to orginize sewing stuff!!!