Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday Cake

WARNING! Lots of pictures ahead!

So the other day I saw a cute mini cake in an ad and thought "I can do that." So I started researching mini cakes. Then I got this urge the other night and HAD to make mini cakes! Since we were having people over to celebrate Rob's birthday I thought it was the perfect reason to make cakes. These were all made from one cake mix and one recipe of fondant. The recipe is fine except that I had to add a lot more powdered sugar to make it firm enough to mold. So... here's the cakes:

Rob's Birthday Cake

And one for each guest:

Here they are all together on the counter looking pretty.

There wasn't enough cake for the kids to have their own, so I made them these little cupcakes. The colors may be weird for the animals, but that's what I had left!

These cakes are about two servings and super sweet. So I knew the guests wouldn't finish their cakes. The ziplock containers were the perfect size for them to take their cakes home.

And since it was Rob's birthday, there were presents!
DELICIOUS homemade Tiramisu, a wine refrigerator to take care of all that wine from Italy, a cool iPad stand for use in the kitchen to read recipes, and fun espresso cups.

And our little dinner party.
Happy Birthday Rob! We love you!


  1. these are the coolest cakes ever!!!! Really well done:) I love the animals!!!

  2. First of all, Happy Birthday Rob!

    Second of all, AMAZING cakes!!!!!

  3. HAPPY Belated Birthday to you hubby. Now, Wow!!! You really did a fantastic job. They look delish ;)

  4. Wow! I love the mini cakes. They look better than the cup cakes in the Stuttgart Cupcake shop.
    Happy late Birthday to your hubby.

  5. Kelly you are so crazy in an amazing way- the cakes are fantastic and the fact that they are so ridiculously small makes them even cooler!

  6. Simply beautiful! That's my daughter!

    Love you!

  7. I love your mini cakes. My favorite is probably the "quilted" cyan one, but they are all so pretty and I think the turtle and octopus turned out adorable.