Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flowers, flowers and more sugar - I mean flowers

I bought myself a little present. This set of cutters. It came in yesterday.

This is just part of what was in the box.

So all other plans I had for the evening were immediately changed and I spent the rest of the night making these.

Look at this rose! I mean, come on! It was SO easy!

So I HAD to make cake. The best carrot cake ever, to be exact. Carrot cake cupcakes.

And here's some beauties up close. 



  1. Why are you so far away????? I love pretty carrot cake cupcakes with amazing cute flowers on them!

  2. Holy cow, this is the second carrot cake cup-cake blog post I have seen IN A ROW. Now I want carrot cake. And I want to learn to make awesome adorable flowers. Can I have one??

  3. I love cupcakes. Your flowers are so pretty. You are doing great with your new art!!!

  4. ohhhh so cute! I'm so excited for you. I Loooove getting boxes of stuff I want to use right away!! These are adorable and so springy:)

  5. So cute Kelly, you are making me almost want to try cake decorating again :)