Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quick Shoe Makeover

Why is it that the cute shoes are unbearable to wear, and the comfortable shoes are boring?? WHY???

I'm getting ready for a business trip and wanted some nice, comfortable pumps. Alas, comfortable shoes only come in "old lady" or plain. Or outrageously expensive! Is this just me or is this a universal thing? 
So I went about making a little ruffle. I started with two strips of fabric, cut on the bias, 3/4" wide. I turned my stitch length to the longest, and tension up all the way to get a cheater ruffle. (I tried this with vinyl first and it refused to ruffle!)
 Ruffle strip!
 I gauged how long I wanted and cut both strips the same.
 Then used this amazing tape
 to stick the ruffle to the shoes.
They aren't perfect, but they liven it up a bit! I think some satin ribbon might have been nicer, but I didn't have any on hand! The nice thing is since they are taped on they can be removed. But this is a really great tape, so it won't come off from normal wear.


  1. Cute!!! How reliable is the Wondertape?

  2. Cute!! They look like you bought them like that!

  3. Wonder Tape is my favorite craft tape. It's SUPER sticky! It's made for holding tiny beads. We carried it in the store a loooong time ago.

  4. oh that's cute! I wouldn't have thought of that- good job!

  5. Cute! I did something similar back in the fall, but I didn't think to use the Wondertape....I guess it's just as well since I wanted it to be removable.

    Also, I passed the Sunshine award on to you, but it's up to you if you want to answer the questions!