Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cathedral Garden Quilt Club

I started this quilt about four years ago, but then I took a full time job and had a second child... so you can imagine how far I got! Well I pulled it all out and convinced three other suckers (just kidding!) to do it with me! We had our first meeting on Thursday and I got one block done. I think there's about a million in the quilt! It was fun to get started again and trade fabrics with my friends. But the most fullfilling part was that my three friends were so excited to make the quilt! Two of them had never paper-pieced before and they both really enjoyed it. So I thought I was doing the quilt for my own selfish reasons, but as it turns out the fun of making it is going to be more rewarding than the quilt itself!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lady, I got 5 big blocks and 3 small blocks done. I think I am over it..... ha ha. Luv ya, Sucker #1