Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had lunch with some Hungarian friends on Saturday. They are really interesting. They are Hungarian Jews. Hungarian MESSIANIC Jews. Hungarian Messianic Jews who live in Germany. It's so cool. So anyway one of them started teasing us because Americans have this tendancy to make verbs out of nouns. I have to admit, I am totally guilty of doing that! So I decided to give it a name: Verbing. I really think Americans have turned this into an art form! While she was teasing us I couldn't actually think of any words that I use, but then later in the course of conversation I said something about needing to Janitor-ize something. I chuckled to myself. Today it was Mosaic-ing. Start listening to yourself and comment me if you find yourself verbing! I want to know if this truly is an American art form, or if it's just me!


  1. Hey! I'm not quite Hungarian yet!! :) Just kidding. I had a ton of fun with you guys on Saturday!!

  2. Ok, I couldn't remember if it was Christa or Temea (I'm sorry I can't spell her name!!!) talking about verbing. So apparently it was the AMERICAN making fun of Americans who verb! HAHAHA!