Sunday, March 23, 2008

He is RISEN...

He is risen indeed! Yes, it's Easter, the most important holiday of the Christian faith. Rob went out for the SonRise Service (see Son... it's a play on words. Get it?) but I didn't think I could handle the hike at 6 am. Plus it was snowing. Rob said it was gorgeous! While he went up with the others I got the kids ready and then when he got back we went to breakfast with my Sunday School class and then to the service. It was a very nice morning. Then we had our traditional lamb lunch and the traditional Sunday nap! :)

The cute thing about Easter was explaining it all to Ethan. See, he's in bribe phase. That means in order to get him to do something you have to bribe him. Well, last night I said he had to go to sleep so the Easter bunny would come and bring candy. Oh man! Wrong thing to say! His eyes got HUGE and he said, "What?! Candy?!" This morning it was, "Is Easter in my house? Did Easter bring me candy?" How cute! No, Easter is not a person. It's the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. Well that's not easy to explain to a three year old! Especially when you want him to think killing someone is bad! How can it be bad if they come back to life? Gee! So, anyway it was cute. But of course it beg's the question: what will happen when YOU die? To steal some lyrics from my favorite Christian band (these guys) "Do you know where you're gonna go? Straight to Heaven or down the hole?" Deep thoughts!

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