Sunday, March 9, 2008

Northernstate and Tegan & Sarah

We went to go see Tegan & Sarah last night in Heidelburg. This was our third time to see them and it was a GREAT concert! We stood right behind the sound board, which was the best spot for the sound and fun because we got to watch him use a computerized sound board. What I didn't know was that they had an opener this time. It was this white girl rap group called Northerstate and they were SO FUN! They had tons of energy and their lyrics were fun and they all had great voices (which you know you don't always get these days...). Anyway at one point they asked if anyone was wearing the clothes they had on. AHH! At that moment I wished I was wearing SOMETHING I made! One of the halters, or a skirt... but I DID have on one of our headbands! Between the sets I went out to the merchandise table and Julie (one of the rappers) was there. I told her Corinnea and I were making these headbands and she said if I gave her one she's wear it on stage! So I'm down another headband! I figure... promotional expense! Anyway, we had so much fun!

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