Friday, September 12, 2008

Exhausting Day!!!

So the whole crew was out today to host our celebration party for winning Best Arts and Crafts in the Army! We started with a free cook-out, a HUGE sale in the store, demonstrations, and giveaways. It was so much fun, and we did THE LARGEST sales day in the HISTORY of the store!!! Woo hoo!!!! Adrienne is still there teaching pottery! It was an amazing day! We just love any excuse to have a party. We gave away almost 500 burgers and 200 hotdogs! It was so cool! Maybe Corinnea will post some picks of the "outtakes" from setting up for the party...

Now the youth group is at my house for Indiana Jones movie night. Oh, how I love Indy!!! It's been fun. Rob got all the supplies so the kids could make their own Doener kabobs and they were yummy! It was also one girl's birthday so we got yummy cake for desert.

So... exhausting, but fun day!

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  1. Congratulations! Love, Margaret M.