Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ugh. What a day! We’re switching over our photo studio from a Craft Shop to a contracted photo studio. So this morning was spent helping Uka clean out stuff and rearrange so the movers can take out all the furniture that’s garbage. That wasn’t so bad… Uka had done almost all of the work already. Then I had to pick up Ethan after school because I’m without a babysitter for two days a week. That’s ok, because he’s been going to work with me and I really like it.

After picking him up my car decided to die. So I spent the next portion of my afternoon at the BMW dealership waiting to talk to the mechanic. Then the walk to base with Ethan. Followed by a mad dash to the bank to deposit some money. Then the phone call that I had forgotten today was the deadline for a major report. Grrr…. The report was mostly finished, so 30 minutes to polish it off and it was on its way. Then groceries… laundry… dishes… trash… kids to bed… blech. Oh wait… tucking the kids in is a good part!!! LOL! OH but NOT because they're going to bed! Because I get to spend time with them!

Ok, so I say all that to say… this page was a really fun way to end the day!!!

Oh, and PS, I know no one cares about my boring day and every day is pretty much just like this one, and why did I bother to write it out.... Well, it's therapeutic. That's why! LOL!

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