Monday, September 22, 2008

Good flicks, good fun

Watched two good movies this weekend, totally opposite ends of the spectrum as far as genre goes, but both really exciting!

First "Speed Racer." Ok, if you don't like this you'll join the ranks of all the critics who also didn't like it, but you'll be a total sellout. This movie rocks!!! It's totally like the cartoon and I loved every minute of it. It's like a mix of Looney Toons, Dick Tracey, and Gone in 60 seconds. I REALLY hope they make a sequel!

The next one was "Second Hand Lions." This is a really really good movie, but if you don't get it you may not be old enough for it. Dad, you HAVE to watch this movie!!! You'll really like it. It's about two old men living in Texas who are rumored to be millionaires. All their relatives come around trying to win their favor and salesmen come trying to sell them stuff all the time. Their favorite pastime is shooting at salesmen from their front porch. Their great-nephew comes to live with them for the summer. I'm not going to tell any more, but it's really funny and really really good. The whole point is about trust and what's worth believing in.

Let me know if you watch them! I want to hear what you think!


  1. I really like both of those movies! We've have Speed Racer, and unfortunately didn't bring it over with us. I think Jewel and Andreas (well, the whole family, actually!) would have really liked it! I DID! :) And Second Hand Lions has been one of my faves for a while. It's great!

  2. Loved Second Hand Lions especially cuz I am a Texan! That Boy is a great actor!
    Grew up a big Speed Racer fan and kinda don't want to destroy the memory.

  3. There's a Speed Racer movie??????? How out of it can I possibly be??? I love Speed Racer! My sister even bought me a Speed Racer lunch box...... Should I be with Mary Beth (I grew up with the originals) and not ruin the memory? Or try it and maybe really happy like Kelly and Sasha?? Oh the dilemma!!!

    Loved Second Hand Lions. At least I have seen that one!