Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Pages

Haven, 2004

I'm really proud of these two pages. I did a bunch of techniques on them. The layout is scraplifted from a layout a bunch of people have on the forum. But I made it myself instead of spending the $4 to download it. I learned how to make the stitching look wonky and more "realistic." It's so funny... in paper scrapbooking you would want to make your stitching straight and make your pictures lay down flat. But in digital scrapbooking you want things to NOT be perfect so they look more real!

I made the drop shadows on those photos to make them look like the corners are raised. Again, figured it out myself so I didn't have to pay the $3 to download one. Also figured out the EASY way to recolor elements tonight! Oh man! I was doing it the hard way, messing with the hue/saturation. Turns out you can just push a button and "recolor" any color you want! Yay!!! Also proud of those little chalk swirls. They started out black and I made them look like chalk.

These were just really fun to work on. I actually spent two evenings working on them! Jess asked if we had pictures that just made us happy to look at them... I have scrapbooking pages that just make me happy. These are on the list! :)


  1. Those are really pretty!! They don't expand enough to see all the detail...You will have to print them and show me! Good job!

  2. I really like this spread! Haven is SO CUTE!!! I always wanted one of those cones.... Keep figuring all of that stuff out and then come visit and teach me!!!

  3. my 1st thought when I saw these were, "oh my, those are ADORABLE!!" really good job. So pleasing to look at. You HAVE to teach me the drop shadow. I can see why you're so proud of these pages!

  4. This is so cool! Do you print them out? Your kids are so lucky to have such a talented mom! Just think how they will look back on these one day......

  5. JennyP: the cone is a German tradition for the 1st day of 1st grade. It's filled with candy, toys, and school supplies. Really cool...

    MaryBeth: I do print them out and put them in a regular sized scrapbook that I made. :) I want to print books if I can find a place that does them for a decent price. Or if we get the machine to do it in the store. Fingers crossed!

  6. Kelly! Hi! Such a cute blog and cute cute pages! So, I was reading through your pages details and you said you found an easy way to colorize in elements?!?! You've got to tell me this secret I spend a LOT of time with hue/saturation when things aren't the right color.
    Tell me about your wonky stitching if you have time too! You are so freakin' smart I can't believe how much you figure out on your own. Hope you don't mind me trying to ride your coat tails :-)