Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had a really nice, quiet Christmas day. I managed to clean as the kids were opening gifts and I took a load of recycling to the trash compactor on base in the middle of the day!

Ethan had a "robot" christmas. He got this cool walking, talking robot from Nana, and a big Optimus Prime from PawPaw that partially transforms itself! He also got "Bumblebee" from the Transformers from Uncle Bruce and Aunt Vicki. We got him the Batcave by Imaginext and all the little toys, but the transformers won!

Haven got a ton of crocheting stuff from us this year. Yarn, books, and a cool set of crochet hooks. She really likes her new clothes from Nana, and the Ninetendo game from her brother.

Rob and I gave each other the same gift! We each got the other Ipod speakers! Haha! I also put a backing on this Star Wars fleece panel with some super soft swirl minky.

We got the cat involved in the action too. She got a new collar, a cat "leash," and her first taste of catnip. Whew! That was something else! I've never seen a cat high on catnip before. Pretty amusing!

And here's a funny picture of Tinkerbell, just because!

Corinnea and Haven have inspired me to crochet. I started with those cute neck warmers. Then I had to make a flower to go with it. Then I needed more colors of flowers. Then I decided to make one for my friend Amber for Christmas. For this one I figured out how to make little scallops on the ends. I am not very successful with the button closure, so I invented my own little "stick method." I covered the end of a chopstick in gold micro beads and it looks pretty cool!

Then Haven and I started working on a blanket with the new yarn. She's going to make it with Granny Squares. First we had to learn how to make one. I also learned the little Irish rose.

We decided to make the quilt together, which is so much fun. Here's the squares we got done today.

So... anyway... good times!


  1. Awesome!! I'm glad you all had such a great Christmas. The crocheting is great. I need to learn how to make the granny squares and flowers too... I just bought one of the new books from the shop, though, and it is awesome. I'm having a hard time trying to decide what I want to try first...

  2. I think Emily would want that robot!