Monday, December 8, 2008

Something besides banking woes!

The pin number finally came for my bank card so I can buy groceries again! Yeah! I still have to get money from the ATM since I don't have an actual debit card, but this is HUGE progress! So here's some stuff I've been meaning to post but have been too stressed (or something) to post.

A fun picture of Ethan.
Ethan decopauging his St. Nikolas shoe. This is the first time he has been interested in the craft at Mom & Tots so I spent the whole class hovering and taking pictures! He did really well too. Ms. Adie helped him at the end when he started gluing over spots that already had paper.

Then he spent a LONG time in the bathroom meticulously picking the glue off his fingers.
St. Nikolas came to our house two days late! Oh well, better late than never! :)

Saturday we repainted the youth room at church. It was white with gray paint rolled over the top. It was ok as far as office space goes, but we wanted a more youthful look.
We had a really good group of kids and adults come out to help paint.

And here's the final product. Of course the furniture isn't back against the wall in this photo. We're also getting new laminate for the floors that looks like weathered wood. It's really neat.

I really like the colors they chose. The orange isn't too overpowering and the blue is really nice. It's bright and warm and funky and way better than those gray walls! It was fun to work with the kids too. But I was BEAT afterwards!


  1. Fun pics of Ethan! How many hours to get the glue off???

    The colors for the room are really nice together!

  2. I let him sit there until well after the hot water was gone. Then I made him quit!