Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun in the Snow

Snow ball wars!

Ethan's first time iceskating


  1. I want to ice skate!! I love ice skating!! Loks like you all had fun:) Rob looks like a midget or elf or something becasue the way he's satnding and the angle of the camrea! He looks short!

  2. Oh my word Jennifer that's just what I thought! I know he's not like a midget or anything but that pic is too funny. Looks like a great day!!

    Yep, love the penguin. If I were to try skating again I would so grab a penguin!

  3. Silly girls! Don't you see him hunkering down getting ready to launch that snowball at Haven? :) I thought that pic was cute!

    The penguin is a little ... well ... penguin that you hold on to while you're skating. It has little flat "skis" on the bottom so it glides along the ice. It's for kids learning to skate, but I loved using Ethan as an excuse to use it! :)

  4. Of course we know he is hunkering down but you have to admit that you got it at just the right time and it looks like he is short!!!! Actually a great action shot!!

  5. What fun!! Love the penguin but my fav is the chair. That's the way I want to skate!!