Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday Weekend

We had a very full weekend!

I got the sewing bug pretty seriously a couple of weeks ago. I have been kind of anti computer lately (crazy right?!?) and all I want to do is sew. So last week I cleaned my craft room and bought some new fabric. Friday Corinnea and I made a quick run to Hilco, the fabric manufacturer in Echterdingen. I say quick... we were there about two hours. But I think we could have spent quite a bit more time there. Those fabrics will become clothes eventually, but I have to get my German patterns transferred. They are interesting. I'll have to post pics when I get those out.

Friday night I started a shirt for Ethan, but I couldn't finish because my machine won't do button holes. So I did this instead:

I brought home the dressmaker's form from the shop until I get my own, or until someone needs it. It was SO COOL to design on the form! Really really fun! I can't wait to show you guys this shirt in person!

Then Saturday Rob and I went to Switzerland. The kids stayed with friends. We drove down to Zurich for a Jamie Cullum concert. It was a GORGEOUS day!!!

Zurich is not really a touristy town. Or at least I don't think of it as such. The last time we were there we went and saw all the famous churches, so this time we wandered around the area where the concert hall and our hotel were. It was a very interesting part of town. The first thing we stumbled on was a bike sale. Some organization had brought out a TON of bikes and set them all up on a little market platz. They were new and used and there were lots of people shopping and buying.

Then we found a big flea market. I bought a tiny old iron that opens to put the hot coal in it. Didn't photograph... but I thought these pics were interesting.
We thoroughly enjoyed spending the day outside with each other. We had the Swiss staples - roesti for lunch and cheese fondue for dinner. Coffee in the afternoon at the cafe by the concert hall, then JAMIE!!!! It was hard to see, but he is such a good artist. It was a nice evening.

Sunday we took the kids to a little circus that was set up in Magstadt. This was a small family circus. The girl was a gymnast and the show was mostly her. The "dad" (I'm assuming) trained the animals, the "son" (again assuming) was the clown and did the plate spinning, and the mom was the ring master. It was cute. Haven now thinks she wants to join a circus.....
Today the kids were out of school so a bunch of us went to Sensapolis. I love that place.

And to end, here's a quick clip of the concert. Jamie said we were allowed to photograph and/or video tape and post to youtube or whatever we want! Hey, free publicity for Jamie!


  1. Fun weekend!!!

    uh huh, not a quick trip.... part of it was waiting in line but we, um, closed the place down.. I definetly think we need to go again... maybe now we can get others to go with??

    Love the top, can't wait to see it!

  2. Love that top! Those fabrics really do go well together. :)

    And next time you go, can I tag along? Sounds like fun!

  3. oh man, where to begin! i love that pictureof you and ROb. and the oneof you in your new shirt with the pony tails is adorable! I love the shirt. I won't be in till Thursday:( but i want to see it!

    I'm glad you had a nice time with just rob and got to go to a concert. and that weird! how many people in the audiance?

  4. What a great weekend? You and Rob look great in that photo. Love your new top and of course the colors. I have always wondered how do you use a dressmaker? Would love for you to teach me.

  5. What a fun post! Looks like you guys had a great weekend!
    Mom and I were just talking about dress froms. They look like so much fun to have!

  6. I forgot to mention that Adrienne picked the green for my shirt. I was lamenting over the blues not being perfect and she pulled out that green and it was PERFECT!

    The circus was tiny! There was maybe 60 people in the audience. They had the four main people working and then they had about four other people who were moving stuff around. I don't know if they were locals they hired when they got here or if they travel with the group. Anyway... never been to one quite that small! :)

  7. oh, I meant to say something in the shop about your darling top... I LOVE it! esp the braided straps!

    what a great. FULL weekend!