Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last Weekend

Last Saturday we had another girl's craft day with the junior high girls in the youth group. This time we made ice candles and friendship bracelets. They didn't get very far with the bracelets, but that was ok because they were just filler while the wax melted for each candle.

Milk carton (1/2 gallon)
tapered candle (about 4")
wax for melting (one box of gulf wax is enough or one big pillar candle)
candle scent
candle coloring or crayons for coloring
ice (smaller crushed ice is more interesting)

Cut the milk carton top off so you can get your hand down to the bottom.
Cut a small hole in the bottom of the milk carton and push the wick through.
Tape the wick down on the bottom of the carton to keep it in place and keep the wax from spilling through.
Fill the carton with ice holding the candle upright in the center. Stop about 3/4 inch from the "top" of the candle (the end sticking up)
Melt the wax in a double boiler. Add scent and coloring.
Poor over ice. Make sure the wax covers the candle. You can use different colors of wax if you let each color cool before you pour the next color.
Leave the candle to cool on a plate or cookie sheet. Some water may leak.
When the candle is completely cool peel the carton away carefully over the sink. The water from the melted ice will pour out!
Light your candle on a heat resistant surface. Some wax may run through the holes.

We had fun making these! Thanks Mary for all your help!

Sunday we hung out at the PX so Ethan could play on the indoor playground. That is such a lifesaver sometimes. Check out what we found in the toy section!

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  1. ah man! I want rock em sock ems!EMily woudl love that!! And me too. i love the candles too. I think the indoor play area is the devil. EMily used to go to the top and cry that she wanted down and usually a bigger kid would have to carry her down. Now ava won't let other kids touch the Rocket coin-operated ride in the corner. She literally had melt down and would spread her legs and put up her hands if anyone came near. She'd say "nonononononono MINE!". That was the last time she was allowed in there. it was very traumatic for me.