Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recent Stuff

I really love the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern. It's easy to make and I like how it fits on me. So I made another one. The fabric is Kona Cotton, Espresso I think, and "Night and Day" by Robert Kaufman. I really like this one a lot! Then I used the pattern and modified the bodice to be a little jacket for the summer top I made last week. I cut the front pieces at a slight angle towards the back to give it a little swing. This will be perfect for the trip to the States. The last time I was there I FROZE every time we went inside somewhere with air conditioning.

We went to see Man of La Mancha at the Kelley theater on Saturday. My boss, Ron, was Don Quixote. He looked perfect! He's the one in the bright green shirt. That was after the play. He didn't wear that during the play! :) I should have gotten a pic of him in the mustache and goatee. It was so funny! Anyway, a bunch of us who work for him or with him all went on Saturday night as a big surprise. It was fun!

That dress is the one I wore to the Arts and Crafts contest, but I redid it. The first version had a fully shirred bodice. That was not flattering. So I used the Anna Maria Horner "Empire Evening Dress" and tried again. That was a dud. This is just not a flattering style on me. Actually I really liked the way the bodice went together, but this poofy skirt part just doesn't look good on me. I'm going to have to try a third modification. I really like the fabric, so I want to make something that works!

And Saturday morning we took the training wheels off of Ethan's bike. That was fun. I got the bike outside and left Ethan to go back upstairs to get tools. When I came back outside half the men of the neighborhood had gathered around him. It was one of those, "oooh bike!" moments. They promptly confiscated the tools and took over taking the training wheels off. Then they used the neighbor's air compressor to air up the tires. I just stood back and watched it all happen! Here he is taking it for a first ride around the driveway.


  1. I love all of you new, sewn by you clothing!!!

    Ethan riding is too cute. Nice that is was a neighborhood thing.

  2. love the tops! they look great on you. And that's too funny that all the neighborhood guys came out and helped with Ethan!

  3. ooh, such a good idea to make the jacket from that pattern! I love them both. Funny old men...

  4. It's so cool that the neighborhood guys came to help! Hooray for Ethan!

    I really wanted to see Man of La Mancha, Is it still playing?

    Love you new tops, how clever to mod the tunic pattern to make a little jacket. :)

  5. Kelly, loved the top on you and the jacket is perfect!

  6. What nice neighbors you have!
    LOVE the jacket sooo cute!

  7. ah, he's a big boy now! I love the new tops youre making! You look sso pretty in the pictures:)