Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Back in the USA

Well, the kids and I survived 22 hours of travelling together... but just barely. We only had two hours of sleep Sunday night so 4 am came way too soon. The first flight to Frankfurt was bearable, but the two hour wait in the airport to the next flight was a little painful. There was a little relief when the kids found one of those flat escalators (that can't be what their called) to play on. That kept them busy for about 30 minutes or so until Ethan hit the emergency stop button. Then it was a quick escape before anyone noticed! The first few hours of the next flight Ethan slept. That was a dream! The next six hours the two kids faught... Grrr... and the last two hours or so they slept again. The two hour drive from the airport to my brother's house turned into a four hour drive, with four potty breaks (for Ethan!) and a stop for seafood. Mmmmm... frog legs and alligator for Haven. We're in Cajun country now! A pretty good night's sleep and we're up and ready for shopping! Gotta love the good ol consumerism of the USA. ahhh...

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  1. Jealous of the shopping but horrified at the thought of flying wiht my kids!I'm glad oyu made it ok. We already miss you!