Friday, May 2, 2008

More Movie Madness

I was reading the description of Juno (blog below) on and the director, Jason Reitman, is the same guy who directed "Thank You for Smoking," a movie I've been telling Corinnea to watch for MONTHS! This movie is a commentary on the tobacco industry and public relations in general. It also throws punches at the alcohol industry and firearms industry. This is not like "Lord of War," (also really good). This one is a very satiristic (can I make up a word) comedy. My favorite part is when the Tobacco, Alcohol, and Firearms spokepeople get into a little discussion about who's industry kills more people each year! If you watch it and you don't like it, don't blame me. I said it was satire!


  1. Never seen it, but have wanted to for a long time! I LOVE Lord of War. Justin bought it and said I'd like it. I was reluctant to watch it, but glad I did! Guys DO have good taste sometimes! hmmmm... ;) We just got a bunch of new movies. I'll pass on the thoughts after I've seen them. Watched Good Luck Chuck last night, and it WAS funny! I actually laughed very hard, which I haven't done in a while. :) So, I'll let you know with the others.

  2. K, so we watched it, my DB and me. We laughed but it left us wondering, were they trying to say something or just be funny?