Friday, June 11, 2010

Hub Idol

Haven sang in her first talent show today. She sang "Break Away" by Kelly Clarkson. I thought that was cute since it was "Hub Idol" and Kelly Clarkson was an Idol winner! She did a GREAT job! Unfortunately my little camera battery died so I didn't get any video. I hope someone else from the evening will share a video with me. The group pic is of some of the kids she hangs out with. The girls on the far left and far right are her closest friends. The boy in the middle "IS" Michael Jackson. He won third place in the contest for a dance routine to Smooth Criminal which was very good! And a boy from our youth group won first place! It was a fun event!


  1. Wow she has guts. I would have thought she'd be shy!

  2. How fantastic that she did it! I know she has a beautiful voice. It's just getting up in front of people... glad she's brave!