Monday, June 28, 2010

Sew with your kids

I've been letting Ethan push the "gas" on the sewing machine for awhile now and recently I've been letting him practice stitching with scrap fabric. Today I let him make his first project. We're working on a project for work (sneak peak behind Ethan on the right) and I let him use some scraps to make a simple stuffed pillow, or pin cushion. I love how intense his concentration was and how proud of himself he was to have it finished! Of course then he promptly stuck it full of pins, not completely unlike a voodoo doll.... He was pretty accurate with his lines. Maybe next time I'll stick him on sewing all those strips! :)


  1. He did a great job! He could probably replace me on the project..... He might not sew stuff upside-down.

  2. I like that quilt in the back ground! That is SO cool he's showing an interest:) really really cool.