Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two more completed projects

I absolutely loved Corinnea's orange linen dress she made last week. So more Nicey Jane, and more of that perfect green Kona produced this:

Teal earrings by the Green World
The pattern was a little snug. I made a 14 and it still was a bit tight on my hips. I'm so glad I didn't make the dress first! Be sure and measure yourself and make sure you cut big enough.

Before I jump into showing you the next project, I wanted to show off these earrings Corinnea likes to say I pounced on the other day. Totally beautiful and deserving of pouncing!

Chandelier earrings by the Green World

I had a whim to make a kick pleat skirt. It started with the black and white number I made a few weekends ago, and then I figured out how to accomplish the fitted version. So Saturday morning I bought the fabric and by Saturday evening I had a skirt! The waistband is photographed here first to show you the fabric, and because it's boring and I wanted to get it out of the way first! Ha! It's Robert Kaufman Quilter's Tweed. I love the print, and the back side was lovely enough that I made the waistband out of it. Oh yeah, and I used Wonder Tape for the first time, AND a zipper foot for the first time! Oh my.... Wonder Tape, how do I love thee.... and yes, I've never had a sewing machine with a zipper foot. I will never be without one again!

We went outside to snap some photos of the skirt and had so much fun that a couple of young German girls actually started following us around! I wasn't paying attention to what they were saying until I heard ".... actress from Hollywood!" OMG! They FOLLOWED US HOME! I can't imagine why they would get the idea we were someone interesting..... Couldn't have been because I was walking around on a hot day in a cloche and heels!

Here's some of my favorites from the photo shoot!

I guess it may have seemed like we were someone of some importance since I did have my own personal photographer giving me directions and wearing a Hollywood t-shirt!

I've been trying to get my mom to do something crafty since she got here. Who knew that all I needed to do was hand her the Canon and watch her go! Here's some other fun photos she took today.

And if you were in the country of Germany at a little after 5:30, you know that Germany won their game today! Wow! Seriously, we live right next to the little Markplatz, and it was like a parade! Everyone driving around honking and blowing their vuvuzelas and waving flags! It's fun to watch.

I hope all of you had fun and exciting weekends!


  1. Well, holy cow, leave it to us to sew with the same fabric in one weekend.... Hope to be finished with my quilter's tweed selection tomorrow...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new stuff. Go Gayle taking great photos! Of course you're always gorgeous but she did a great job capturing you!

  2. Kelly, you look gorgeous!!! Love the photo shoot with your hat...
    Your skirt and top turned out amazing. You mom takes awesome pictures. I think she should stay here and be our photographer :)

  3. That top is my new favorite top in the whole wide world!!!! I hope you didn't buy the last of that fabric...! And that skirt! holy cow, adorable! Your mom's photos are amazing too! I love the one of Haven upside down.

  4. Where do i start?? Everything is AMAZING!!! I love the new top. it's soooo you!! It looks really great on you. The color is perfect for you too. And the skirt + photos are so fun! Your mom is a fantastic photographer! Who knew?

  5. Wow... wow!!! I love it all... the photos, um your mom rocks! and the shirts, the cute hat... and the shirt... oh my!

  6. Love the skirt and the fabric! What pattern did you use for the skirt? The top almost looks like a stretch knit it fits so well. Great photography:-)

  7. I sort of made up the pattern for the skirt. I took a pattern for a straight skirt that I knew fit me (simplicity something... I don't have it in front of me) and then I added four inches for each pleat. I made box pleats and sewed them down to just below my knee. Then they just kick open past that. It's actually regular quilter's cotton, but it's a nice fabric! Thanks for the compliments!