Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Sewing

I made a pact to not do anything on Saturday except sew. I pointed out to Rob that I spent precious sewing time cooking him meals and he should feel very special!

I did leave the house once, but only after the first project of the day was completed. The Schlep Bag.
I co-lead a small group of youth girls and we do crafts once every couple of months. We had the idea to do a bag for the next craft that they can carry their Bibles and journals in. I set about looking for a fun and easy pattern, and I found a picture of the bag here. You can download the free pattern here, but another website said it has problems. I didn't use it anyway. I just figured it out and went for it. It's not perfect for books because the square bottom sags when you put heavy things in it. But it's still so cute. Maybe I'll put some cardboard in the bottom... just thought of that...

Next up, I'm on the third remake of that shirred dress I wore to the art contest and the theater. I ran out of elastic thread so no pictures of that. It is trying to be reborn as a shirt this time.

And speaking of shirts, I have a cute shirt that's too small, so I tried to recreate the pattern using the dressform and pattern ease. It's VERY similar to Corinnea's shirt. The front gathering is done with a little elastic, and I made the elastic too long. That's why there aren't pics of me in it. I need to fix it first! But I really like it otherwise.
Number four (three if you count completed projects) is the pencil skirt.

I saw a girl walking to the commissary the other day and I loved the flippy little ruffle at the bottom of her skirt. This fabric was bought for a shirt, (the shirt above actually) but the fabric was too heavy, even after washing. So I decided to make the skirt instead. I really like it! I didn't have a black zipper so I made the waistband out of a ribbed t-shirt. I made it a little big, but other than that I really like how it fits.

The last project of the evening was the Kimono Dress and Obi Sash from the book Weekend Sewing. I need the elastic thread for that too, so no pics yet. But that's five projects, four completed in one day!

Today we had our annual IBC church picnic in Bad Liebenzell. The rain held off and it stayed fairly nice. I was able to wear the skirt and be bear footed and only got chilly towards the end. I have lots of pictures to go through, but this was my favorite of the day!

If you can't tell, he's drying his socks.

Hope you all had lovely weekends too!


  1. Amazing!
    Love everything you showed photos of, can't wait to see the things you haven't photographed yet! Show and tell tomorrow!!!!

  2. Wow, you've been busy! I could sew all day, and only come up with one, or maybe two, completed projects. I'm impressed. I especially like that shirt you're doing on the dress form. ^_^

    That's too funny, drying socks over a fire like that. I'm amazed they didn't catch fire themselves.

  3. How lucky! what a great way to spend a saturday. Especially when your making so many pretty things!

  4. Wow!! You have really been busy sewing! I loved your skirt so much today that i had to come home and sew something, and for that I thank you :)Can't wait to see the finished top. The schlep is adorable.