Monday, June 21, 2010

weekend update

Haven finished the 6th Grade.

Here's the shirt I didn't get a photograph in yet. Haven took the picture.

Ikea was hard. They were completely under renovation, they were out of stuff I needed, I forgot my Ikea credit card..... and this guest bed goes down in history as the most mistakes made in one do it yourself project ever. If I could put it on wrong I did. I don't know what the deal was. I'm normally very good at putting together Ikea stuff. Anyway, in the end I have more pink and more fun in the craft room. This little guest bed is pretty cool. It folds up for a sort of loungy chair thing, and then unfolds for a guest bed. And there's a stow away drawer underneath for bedding. See the lamp shade? I was about to give up when that one caught my eye. Just enough girly goodness without changing the color of the light. I also got some plastic containers to sort and store my fabric and the drawers are for wrapping paper, gift bags, etc.

And the reason I needed this furniture and major clean up of the craft room is because my mother arrived today! She's here for about four weeks. Yeah!


  1. I love the photo. Hope you all have a wonderful time together!!! We can't wait to see you in Texas!!! Love, Margaret M.

  2. Yayyyy for Haven. You shirt is really cute and it looks great on you. Your mom is beautiful! Love the picture of you three.

  3. Congrats to Haven.

    Love the shirt!

    Your room is great!

    Glad your mom is here, look forward to seeing her!

  4. The shirt is adorable and the cut/style looks like it's very flattering on you!

    very cool you redid your craft room. it feels good to be orginized, doesn't it?

    have fun visiting with your mom! i love the photo.

    I can't believe Haven is going in to 7th!!