Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yes, another school house tunic

The other fabrics teased her because she had been in the trunk so long. They said she must not be loved. The other fabrics came and went, but there she sat. Lonely. Sad. Until one day, she became a schoolhouse tunic! After Corinnea made her stripey one I knew that's what this fabric was destined for. It's Bleeker Street by Marcos Brothers and it's been in my trunk for a while now.

And here's the video I tried to upload yesterday. It's pretty cute. Worth sitting through, I think. Haven's choir singing "Smell in my Bedroom"


  1. LOVE your newest top~! Looks great on you. We need to get the other girls to make theirs and all take a photo together!

    The video is too funny. I cannot believe how tall Haven is now. It was just yesterday....

  2. it was just yesterday Ethan born and Haven was a little girls probably emily's age. Crazy! Such a cute song. i love the top! LOOVE it! They look so good one uou and I love that fabric.

  3. Great choice of fabric. I love how you have them in all different colors now. I need to make me another one. I love mine. Cute video :)