Thursday, March 31, 2011

Me Made March Wrap Up

Well, I made it through Me Made March! My challenge was to wear a minimum of two hand made items every day. I think I blew that out of the water. There were only a few days where I struggled, and most of the time it was because I was tired and cold. I really need some handmade knit in my wardrobe for those lazy days, and I want to make some jeans. I did order some denim and we have jeans thread at the shop, so we'll see...

I have been inspired by Rhinestones and Telephones and her project called Building a Lifetime Wardrobe. I have really started being more deliberate with my sewing. Instead of picking fabric because it's new and exciting and just turning it into yet another skirt... I've been trying to think about what is missing from my wardrobe and what I really wear. So with that in mind I will be making several more pairs of pants, and some PLAIN colored things. For instance, I don't have handmade plain black, cream, brown or white blouses, which are staples for my wardrobe. So my sewing might get boring for awhile for you all, but I'm on a mission to get to 100% handmade clothes. I haven't quite worked myself up to making my own undergarments yet.... and I am definitely not going to be knitting my own socks. But we'll see how far I get. I have had a dream of making my own shoes for years though, so maybe some day I'll take a class on shoe design!


  1. oh man, shoe design would be so much fun! I hope you do it and take lots of pictures so I can pretend I did it too.

  2. I've wished for years that I could make my own shoes. I'm sure it would be far less annoying than finding cute, durable, affordable ones that actually fit my extra-wide feet!