Friday, March 4, 2011


I started off the day wearing one thing but ended with the skirt above, due to a wardrobe malfunction in my ready to wear (rtw) pants! Mortifying. The best part was my awesome colleagues staring at me and giggling at my predicament and teasing me that I could lock myself in my office with the sewing machine and fix them myself, which I absolutely would have done if it weren't for the GIANT WINDOW in my office. In the end Katelyn suggested I simply change into one of the pieces of clothing I had on display out in the shop. Sometimes it really pays to work in a craft store and have your own clothes hanging as samples!!

Handmade roundup for the day: handmade shirt 1/2 day, handmade skirt 1/2 day, earrings by All Wound Up all day.


  1. Oh boy! One of those days!! So glad you had your skirt there!

  2. I guess you need to keep spare clothes in your purse as if you had small children! Did you blow out the seat?! I've done that with hand made pants. That's probably why I stopped making my own! You know I adore that skirt!!

  3. you just yelled at me in all caps! And you made me LAUGH out loud!
    You have nothing to be ashamed of! really. Some items just don't wear well in that area or like you said, someone else already wore it and stressed it. I always always always wear out the big toe area in my shoes. Jon makes fun of it all the time and how I walk with my big toe up and my big claws tear thorugh runbber, etc. etc. i know that's not the same as what happened but I just thought I'd share:)