Sunday, March 27, 2011

MMM 22-26

I got behind on posting, but I'm still wearing Me Made stuff! In fact, I've been doing really great! My commitment was to wear at least two handmade items, but I've been wearing mostly three, and sometime four or five items. Since I always have my handmade bag and usually remember handmade earrings, it's been a cinch to keep up. Here's the last few days:

MMM 22
Shirt: Butterick 4789
Pants: Vogue 1051
Earrings by All Wound Up

MMM 24
Shirt: McCalls 6120
Jacket: Butterick 5332
Skirt: Self-drafted

Since I already wore the jacket this week I wanted to give you a little peek at the facing fabric. I love putting fun fabrics in the facings. They're a little treat just for me!

MMM 25
Dress: Butterick 4789
Earrings: Kara
Me Made Headband

When I first made this dress it was a lot longer! But I was never really comfortable in it. I always wanted to wear the leggings under it for extra modesty but it was too long. So that morning I whacked 7 inches off of the bottom! I like it so much better now. I can't wear it without the leggings now, but I don't think I would have anyway. 

MMM 26
Dress: Amy Butler Lotus Tunic
Better shot here
Necklace: PearlSwirl

Saturday I was teaching a Sushi class out at RB, so of course I had to wear one of my Asian prints! I also received my Hearts for Japan necklace this week and have been wearing it, whether it matches what I'm wearing or not! There are lots of ways you can donate to help in the relief efforts in Japan, if you can't get over there in person. We went through World Vision because they do relief work/humanitarian work at the same time they are sharing about Jesus. If you want to donate you can do so here.

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