Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Silliest Craft Project Ever

The last few months have just had so much going on that I can't even begin to explain the mental exhaustion that I've been experiencing. So I've really been sewing a lot to relax. Making clothes is very gratifying, but even that can be tiring after a while when you've used the same pattern so many times you can't bear to think of making it one more time....

So after the Fabric distributors came last Sunday I had the day off on Monday, and I wanted to do something that would just make me happy. I had the sudden urge to make the silliest craft project I have ever made in my entire life.

Mini clothes.

I was first inspired by this project and then Jennifer made these ornaments.

I ended up with this:

The Mini Me Project

These are tiny replicas of every handmade garment I have made for the last nine years. Well, not every garment exactly... Just the ones I found the scraps for. I still have a pile of felt blanks that I will have to dig through years of fabric scraps to finish up. I forgot to count... There has be be at least 30 little pieces in here, maybe more.

My husband's reaction was "WHAT are you doing???" The reaction at the shop was of course squeals of glee from every girl who saw them! We were fully occupied with building a clothesline for them yesterday and played with rearranging them for the better part of an hour.

The girls enjoyed putting the separates together and demanding that I wear their ensembles. Some of them I might... 

When the clothes are not on the clothesline they sit in the tiny wire laundry basket, waiting for their turn in the spotlight. But the really pretty ones get a special display!

Yes, as if all that isn't silly enough, I put a piece of black felt at the back of an empty frame so we can stick the outfits in the frame. I'm planning to put it on an easel with the laundry basket next to it and let people play with it when they sit in my office.

Too much silliness? I don't think so. It has kept me giggling for four days now. 


  1. That is hilarious!!! I just love it!!! MOM

  2. are you kidding? this is the best idea ever! and such a cute way to make a "scrapbook" of all your projects. I was hanging a tiny scrap of each fabric I've ever used on a small clothes line in my sewing room, but this is 100 times cooler. It also reminds me of that scene in Clueless where Cher has all her clothes on her computer to help her pick an outfit. You could totally just sort through your mini clothes to find an outfit each day. Rad.

  3. Not silly... nope, not at all... completely genius and adorable. LOVE it! put them on cards, mug rugs, ornaments, they could be SO many things!

  4. That is so fun! And a lovely way to track your garments. And use up scraps. (And I agree that it could be a really fun way to experiment with outfits!)