Wednesday, March 16, 2011

MMM 8-16

I can't believe I lost eight days! This last week was just a blur. There was soooo much going on. One night I actually went to sleep about 6 pm and woke up about 8 the next morning. Which was too bad because that was a day I was wearing something new and didn't get a picture... but no worries, I'll be wearing it tomorrow since it has a lot of green in it!

Last week we had two big events - a Sushi making class, which went great, and the big chili cookoff! The chili cookoff was so much fun! The girls from the shop competed with "Artsy Fartsy" chili, which was delicious, and Morgan was named Miss Chili Pepper for her costume. It was really fun hanging out with everyone.

So since it was a chili cookoff, and I was organizing the whole thing, I thought I should get into the spirit of chili and get back to my Texas roots. Mind you I own no cowboy boots or a cowboy hat... so it wasn't easy.

The skirt is another Anna Marie Horner Study Hall Skirt and the fabric is from the Valori Wells line DelHi. We have two bolts of heavy weight fabric in the shop. It's not quite upholstery weight, but heavier than normal cotton. It made an excellent skirt! The contrast is Kona Eggplant, though you can barely see it. The shirt is handmade from a Knip Mode pattern. I don't know if I've blogged the shirt yet... I'm not really very happy with it, but it's ok. The hat was a prop from one of the chili teams.

The other fun thing about the Chili Cookoff was it gave me a chance to use one of my super fun Christmas gifts - the Texas dinner bell! Yes, I have a "triangle" shaped like Texas. Thank you Uncle Bruce and Vicki!! Everyone got a kick out of it when the Garrison Commander rang the bell to start the cooking!

I have lovingly nicknamed my next creation my Frankenstein shirt, because I stitched three different patterns together to make it.

The sleeves are from a simplicity jacket pattern, that I will be revealing later on when I get the actual jacket finished. The yoke is from the Amy Butler Swing Tunic, and the main shirt part is from my favorite simplicity dress/shirt pattern Simplicity 2975. The teal part is from Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow and I want to say the yellow part is from one of those Americana kid collections... but I've forgotten. It's striped.

And the best for last....

My second pair of Vogue 1051 pants. This pair is a cotton/linen blend and they are AWESOME!!!!! I love these pants!!! I love this fabric! I bought a pair of linen slacks a few years ago from an upscale clothing store, and the darn things split at the seams! This pair cost about HALF of what I paid for the other pair, fit better, and I made them myself! I did change the pockets on this pair to side pockets instead of welt pockets on the front. I drafted the pocket from another pair of slacks I own, so it doesn't come with that pocket option. But the front welt pockets are basically worthless, so I like this better. I can fit my phone in my pocket now. 

So tomorrow is St. Patty's day and I will have some green to post about. And hopefully I'll be more interesting for the rest of the month!


  1. A post of awesomeness!!!! Glad you survived the busy time....
    Your clothes are VERY cute! Great job on the pants!

  2. So much cuteness! You are doing great with the sewing! I LOVE the skirt still! I keep trying to decide if I want the pattern are they comfortable to wear?

  3. Very nice. love the fabric for your schoolgirl skirt with the dark pleats... AND your frankie top. it's a nice combo!