Friday, March 20, 2009

Blame it on third grade

I remember very well when I fell in love with computers. It was third grade. We had touch screen computers with those coloring pictures that you click a color and then click a spot to fill it. You know the ones. I really loved going to computer lab! It all continued in junior high where I learned how to use the keyboard, followed by high school where I mastered all the Microsoft Office programs and competed in contests (and won). I did my first big photo editing project in high school too. Superimposed the gym teacher's head on a ballerina! Hahahahaha! After high school I taught some classes and made the PowerPoint presentations for the church sermons. Then I got my first pen tablet. You know, I don't really remember what I made with it! I did a lot of freelance computer stuff, like making business cards for people, flyers, stuff like that. I even created the menu for a local restaraunt and typed a book for someone.

I kind of gave it all up when I came over here, but this digital scrapbooking has just really rekindled my love of graphic arts. I mean seriously, with a passion. And now designing is taking over all my free thoughts. I see inspiration in everything! (My next kit also inspired from a Kleenex box!) I finally decided I needed to revisit the pen tablet. After thinking about it for a couple of months, researching, wishing, dreaming..... I finally went and bought one today. Yes, the PX actually has them! Of course my DREAM tablet starts at $1000, but we won't go there. I paid SIGNIFICANTLY less than that today! LOL! Anyway.... more to come, but just wanted to let everyone know I'm not slacking!

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