Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learning New Things

Ethan taught himself how to rollerblade. He had help from Haven, but basically he just put the skates on and went... Oh, and normally I make him wear a helmet. I guess this was a bad mom moment...

Haven is learning about circles: radius, diameter and circumference. Part of her homework was to calculate the circumference, but they hadn't learned about pi yet. So I used my handy dandy Bamboo pen tablet to show her pi and she did her homework with the tablet instead of scratch paper! I KNEW I needed the tablet!!! :)


  1. Very cool for the both of them!!!! I bet that makes homework a bit more fun....

  2. How fun, go Ethan! I want to see your tablet! SHe looks like she is enjoying her homework!

  3. Those are Haven's old skates. They are a little big for him, but they are so padded that he can wear them. Haven is now wearing MY old skates! Man they grow so fast...