Friday, March 6, 2009

Everyday Inspiration

Miyoung brought in this adorable Kleenex box and I just couldn't stop looking at it. It's so silly because it's not really my style, but for some reason I just really like it.

So I came home tonight and made my first complete paper pack. Six cardstock papers and four patterned papers. I called it "Summer Pears."
I don't really know how to make embellishments yet so all it has is two felt borders (from my doodles), a pear, and a journally tag (also from my doodles). I made everything from scratch from tools inside Photoshop. The only things I bought were the felt actions and I used a grungy overlay from Designer Digitals.

And here's a page I made. I couldn't figure out WHY I needed pear paper... But these photos from our chocolate fountain work just fine! :)


  1. PS. That's my mom in the middle picture enjoying the chocolate. My favorite kind of chocolate to use is toblerone. Mmmmmmm.......

  2. That is so cool... you'll be a full blown designer in no time! I love that your inspiration came from a kleenex box (of all places!) and I love the results.

  3. Great design Kelly! I get my inspiration from the weirdest things too, have yet to use a kleenex box, but it was a worthy one! darling!