Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Week, New Trick

I've seen several products that I felt like if I had a pen tool I could draw it myself. Finally the other day I sat down with some paper and just doodled. I was inspired by Jen Caputo and her cute hand drawn shape templates. So these are pretty much just copies, but I had to start somewhere. The brown felt in the page above is from the lumpy border in the middle of the design below. The pink paper is from a bigger frame that I made. They're supposed to look like handcut pieces of paper. I won't use them on all types of layouts, but I think they're fun and quirky. :)

I just realized the page has the wrong dates!!! GRRR! I'll have to fix it.
Update: ok, it's updated. :)


  1. I love the hand drawings what a great idea! Sometimes I get caught up on doing EVERYTHING on the computer I forget about my drawing 101 class. I love all the layers on your templates. Very cool. Did you draw the swirls on the side too?

  2. love love love the doodles. I have paid money for other peoples doodles!!

  3. That's crazy cool!! I love the patterned paper by Kelly...awesome!