Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Cat's Meow

Haven and Tinkerbell participated in a Feline Fun Show on Saturday. It was so cute! The categories were Fat Cat, Loud Mouth, Most Toes, Cat of Many Colors, Longest Tail, Judge's Choice and People's Choice.

The judges wore vet scrubs. So cute!
Each cat and owner had a nameplate and everyone got a little bag of goodies. Ours had two little kitty toys and a can of food. We wished it had a lint brush with all the fur flying around!

And Tinkerbell won first place in two categories! She was the Cat of Many Colors and apparently she has two extra toes that not all cats have. Who knew!
All the cats behaved themselves very well. It was funny to see so many with leashes! Of course mostly it just made me feel better that we have one! LOL! It was totally fun and cute and I'm glad we went.
If you would like to see some of the competition you can click here to read the shop blog.


  1. Wow!! That is so cool! I really wanted to go and see the show (my cat is way too neurotic for that sort of thing) but that was the day that Brandon got home. Congrats, Tinkerbell and Haven!!! :)

  2. HOW FUN IS THAT... she won two awards!!!

  3. Congratulations Haven and Tinkerbell!!!!!! Maybe next year Evie and I will join in the competition! Evie's tail is 14 inches to the end of her fur..... is she a contender?