Sunday, September 26, 2010

BMW Magic Trick

My purple BMW failed its inspection earlier this month. So I took it into the shop (once again) for another round of expensive work. But I told them I really needed them to work some magic on the car because I couldn't keep bringing it in for repairs. 

So, I took it in. And then abra cadabra......

We came home with THIS!!!!!!

Pretty good trick right? Well, it just so happened that they had a used Mini that was within our monthly budget. I was able to surprise Rob by bringing it home for a test drive. Then we went together the next day to sign the papers. We had to wait two weeks before we could pick it up, but now it's ours. It's so cute! It's too small for my every day needs. I like to push my seat too far back, so the kids don't have enough leg room in the back. And the trunk is too small for groceries. But that's ok, because this paint job is EXACTLY what Rob would choose if he could pick any mini. So Rob gets to have the mini and I got his black 325. The purple car is getting passed on to one of my co-workers who needs a car for less than a year before he moves. So... there you have it. The BMW magic trick. :)


  1. Congrats!!!!! It is super cute. since it's Rob's I should probably say cool though. It does make me miss Corinnea =(

  2. AWESOME! Such a neat trick, can you teach it to me? It would be nice to abra-cadabra that Taurus into something fun. But we'll only be driving it for another few weeks before we pass it on, so we'll manage. :)

  3. Oh fun! Matt enjoys stealing moms mini ALOT!

  4. Hope he loves it as much as we love ours!!!