Monday, September 6, 2010

Book Covers

Or, the coolest book covers in the history of all book covers! Haven needed to cover her books and wanted something a little more creative than the regular paper ones. So we brainstormed ideas and ended up with these.

Haven has started watching this show called "Invader Zim" and one of the character's is "GIR." Zim is an alien invader and GIR is his robot who dresses up like a dog to blend in. He apparently loves cupcakes. We put GIR on the World Geography book because they are trying to take over Earth. We found that fitting.

Aang is the original Avatar (before James Cameron made blue ones). His arrow is a tattoo from his tribe and it glows when he is in the avatar state. My favorite part of this one is the nose. I did that freehand on the sewing machine with the free motion foot.

And lastly, everyone knows Spongebob. He has a bunch of little pieces but he was a lot of fun to put together!

For all of them Haven cut out the little pieces and I sewed it all together. We enjoyed the process after a few initials arguments over how to make GIR. Haven was even clever enough to suggest we don't write the name of the book on the spine in permanent marker, but use stickers so that she can reuse them next year. Don't tell her she's crafty though, she'll deny it. :)


  1. Wow, I was going to ask you where you bought them. Sponge Bob looks really good! She's her mother's daughter!

  2. cuuuuute! I love them! So brilliant!

  3. Emily loves these!!!! I love them! They look professional! Genius!!!!!!!

  4. What an awesome idea! And that little nose on the avatar is just too cute, love it!! You ladies did such a good job on these, but don't worry, I won't tell Haven. ^_^

  5. Holy Cow these are cool! You totally put my paper bag book covers for my kids to shame. Sounds like a fun day for you two!

  6. OMG......... I love them! The gir one is adorable. How did you make them I really want to make on one for my books. Please answer back please.