Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self-Stitched September

I am an official participant in Self-Stitched September, and have agreed to wear something handmade every day in September. When I wrote my goal I did not agree to wear a handmade clothing item every day because my fall/winter handmade wardrobe is not big enough yet. But I knew between earrings, purses, and clothes I could have something on me that is handmade everyday.

I don't plan to post a photo every day. I know I will not get to the blog every day. And some days will probably be boring or repeats! But I'll try to update at least with the new, never been blogged before items. And today is a good place to start!

The unveiling of Simplicity 2975 - the red dress, otherwise known as my favorite thing I've ever made, ev-ah.

I added the red band at the bottom and the piping. It was my first time to make piping! And I love how it looks! Oooh.... forgot to write down the name of the fabric. Sorry 'bout that. The perfectly matched red flip flops are JCrew hand-me-downs from Jennifer that are comfortable all day long even if you walk for hours around an old city with only cobblestone roads with a heavy camera. I know from experience. This is an older pic though. Today was too cold for the awesome red flip flops. The big white retro plastic earrings also make a statement I think. The only thing this dress is missing is tall white go-go boots. Hmmmm....


  1. You look so cute in that dress! and I love the big white earrings. where could one find white go-go boots...?

  2. It's a great outfit, and I totally second the go-go boots! Unfortunately, the only ones I've seen recently are the stiletto-heeled variety, in a naughty shop back home. (Us girls always go to the big naughty shop in Cape Canaveral for giggles, whenever I'm home. :)

  3. Love love love this dress on you, but I already told you that....