Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Cash Envelopes Book

Rob and I have been doing the Dave Ramsey "Financial Peace University" system for more than six months now. We didn't take the whole class. I just did A LOT of research on the internet to get all the theories and main points. Mostly I wanted the budget percentages and to see how to go to the all cash system. In the spirit of reducing costs and because I'm crafty, I decided to make my own cash book instead of ordering theirs. So I made one out of a 7 Gypsies envelope album. I have worn it out so that the flaps on the envelopes are tearing and the pieces of the mixed media I decorated it with are coming off. So I started researching wallets to see how I could have a more durable envelope system.

I was first inspired by this Fossil Wallet because it has room for two currencies. I think there is another zippered section somewhere too, because I thought I could have both types of coins in there. But the price tag of 70 euros quickly made me put it back on the shelf. Funny, it's only $50 from the US website...

Then the Heather Bailey Folding Totes pattern got me thinking because it has a coupon envelope in the pattern. But how would I bind them together...

So I looked on Etsy for fabric envelope inspiration. There was this neat accordion folder, these envelopes within an envelope, and others. But then Sunday I found this seller and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. Her use of linen and magnets is great! This is the one that really caught my eye. Someone else thought it was great too because it sold yesterday!

So here's my version.

I used the very last little remnants of my favorite Nicey Jane fabric and green linen. I added gusseted coin pockets for US and Euro coins and a pocket for coupons and stuff. I also made the envelopes big enough to fit both US and Euro bills. The Euros are taller and the US$ are wider. Since I haven't used a checkbook in almost nine years I didn't need a spot for one. I used long strips of magnets to keep the envelopes closed, which make the book bulkier and heavier, but keeps all the pockets perfectly closed. I am now praying that all those magnets don't erase my credit cards.

This was a challenging project and there are some things I should have done a little differently, but I think I did a decent job and I think I'll use this for awhile. I talked to TresMarias before I blogged to let her know that I didn't steal her idea outright, but that it was a long thought through project that ended in a similar design as hers. She was sweet and said that that was one of the tenants of the program - if you don't have to buy it, don't, and she encouraged me to make my own. She also let me know that she's in the process of making a pattern for her cash wallets! So if you're interested in making one yourself, but not interested in figuring it all out, grab her pattern when it comes out!


  1. I love your wallet!!! And I love Dave Ramsey! We got out of debt a year ago, but I still have a hard time with the cash vs. debit card usage. Maybe if I have a pretty wallet for my cash I will use it more. I've been studying yours and various other wallets on etsy and I am going to try to make my own also. Can you tell me how you sewed the cash envelopes in? Is it just to the lining or is it all the way through? I think I can figure everything else out, but wasn't sure about that. Thanks!!! You did an awesome job!!! Very inspiring!

  2. That is a beautiful wallet, I will have to try to remember to watch for her pattern. I currently have one that I made out of card stock that fits into my regular wallet.
    DH and I have followed Dave since we were first married and it has been one the best things we could have done for our marriage. With moves, job losses, car breakdowns and even infants in NICU, we have seldom been concerned over money because we have our emergency funds. I am so glad you are liking his advice. It really does make sense