Monday, September 27, 2010

Quarantine Day 5

I think I'm past the contagious period so I've ventured out a few times, with hand sanitizer of course. I had to get the purple car registered and today was the last possible day. When I told the lady I was late because of illness she asked what I had. I told her, and then she proceeded to tell me her story of the time she had it. The funny thing was she got so engrossed in her story that she didn't ask to see my driver's license, proof of insurance, ID card... nothing. Hilarious.

Well, other than that, I sewed for about 9 hours straight, finally got to the Prof. Moriarty stories in the Sherlock Holmes books, read some blogs, and did some work on the digi scrap site. Tomorrow when the sun is out I'll take pictures of the project that took 9 hours and post it.

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh, it's so beautiful! I love the zipper side pockets, and it's so great that you can fit in both currencies! And the fabrics... mmmmm :)

    Dave Ramsey would be *so* proud!!