Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quarantine Day 7 + Sweet Harmony Handbag

My last day in quarantine. Tomorrow I will go back to work. The rash is basically gone except for a couple of tell-tale marks. I'm really grateful for how mild this case was and hope I don't get it again. Considering that this virus usually occurs in people over 50, with low immune systems, or people under extreme stress, I have realized that I need to slow down a bit. I'm starting to realize that every waking second of my day doesn't have to be spent doing something productive. Or more appropriately, that spending time doing something like reading to Ethan or doing a project with Haven IS productive. I will try to not book every single Saturday with something and will be more patient with my projects knowing that I don't HAVE to stay up until 2 in the morning to finish it. Of course I say that..... but last night it was about 1:30 when I finished this:

The Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Handbag
I really like this bag! I used heavy weight fabric (I think it was backing fabric) from the Roman Holiday Christmas collection from Moda from several years ago. I had just enough leftover cream solid from something else for the lining. The bag was easy to put together except for the bulk of the exterior with all the batting and interfacing. I went through about three needles. I should have bought some upholstery needles (and will before I make another one). I LOVE the design of the bag but it's just slightly too small. I'm going to try blowing up the pattern on a copy machine just a smidge. 

I also finished the hand sewing on my jacket. Now I just need the rest of the buttons and it will be complete! 


  1. LOVE that bag! NEED the pattern! :) Glad to hear you are feeling better and coming to your senses - it is ok to do nothing, you know! HUGS!

  2. The bag is so cool! if I made one it would have to be bigger too. Love it though! Glad you are better. It was good to see you yesterday:)

  3. I need to start using mine to see if I want it bigger.... Yours is gorgeous. I still love that fabric. Glad you are getting over being ill. Just take it slowly and carefully now.